Kennel Klub 3 Jet off for a new life on the mainland.

Kennel Klub 3 Jet off for a new life on the mainland.


Yesterday (Sunday 29th October 2017), we had the pleasure of waving off three Lanzarote rescue dogs who were heading off for a new life at Podenco Friends in mainland Spain as we assisted with capturing their final moments here on the island on video.

Hugo, Cuthbert and Jarred have been long term "residents" at The Kennel Klub in El Cable under the watchful eye of the Laura Johnson, who dedicates her free time in caring for animals that have been abandoned by their owners or found without a home.  The Kennel Klub is a Lanzarote charity run by volunteers with the aim to give stray dogs a second chance to find their forever homes.

Laura and The Kennel Klub would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who helped to make the yesterday happen.  Alvaro (who flew over from Lanzarote to accompany the dogs back to Spain on his day off), Xisca, Maria, Malen, Rebecca and all the team from Animaerea, Dan, Steve, Louise, Brynette & Guarderia Toni for their help locally, Ian and Bryony for taking photos and video locally, Beverley, Warren and Reidun from Podenco Friends and last but not least Air Europa and their employees! THANK YOU!

Good luck Hugo, Cuthbert and Jarred and enjoy your new life in Spain!

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the great work carried out by The Kennel Klub you can do so via their PayPal donation page and don't forget to Follow them on Facebook for more information.


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