September Road Trip!

September Road Trip!


We have recently had friends visiting from Holland and decided it was time for another road trip around the island.

Although the weather wasn't great (a bit cloudy), it was still very warm and thankfully their hire car was fitted with air conditioning!  First stop was The Temple Hall shipwreck, located just between Arrecife and Costa Teguise.  

We left Playa Blanca and headed East through Femes, Macher and Playa Honda.  By the time we reached the first stop, the clouds had started to clear a bit, and just around the corner from the wreck, three large cruise ships were being joined by the Armas ferry in the Arrecife harbour.

After taking a few photos and video footage we the headed North towards the dam at Mala.  The dam is not functional and at this time of year the reservoir is completely dry.  

The dam is 'open' to visitors but we suggest great care is taken if you decide to cross it or visit the inside.  

From here we took the short drive over to Arrieta, as our guests wanted to take a look at the "Dolls House".  Casa Juanita is a place of interest that often generates questions on its origin.   

Back in 1916, the house was built for a man known as Don Juan de Leon Perdomo.   He and his wife gave birth to a little girl back in 1904.  The daughter was named Juana, but went by the name of Juanita.   

After moving to Argentina, Juanita was struck down with tuberculosis and doctors advised that the family returned to Lanzarote in the hope that the fresh sea air would help her to make a recovery.   Juanita sadly passed away in 1921.

After a quick stop at Casa Juanita, and taking a dip in the natural pool next door, we then switched over to the west coast, driving up to Haria and then onto Guinate.  

Some of you may remember that there used to be a small zoo here, but now there is sadly nothing more than a few memories of the park.  There are still a couple of animals in here (monkeys), but the park is no longer open to the public.  

At the end of the road here is a breathtaking lookout over the Mirador strait and La Graciosa.  

Unfortunately by the time we had got here a lot of cloud had set in but we could still make out the neighbouring island in the distance.  The cliff faces here are quite intimidating, something that you have to see! 

Finally, we headed up to Orzola and stopped off at some of the white sandy coves (Caleta del Mero).  

The waters here are stunningly clear and turquoise in colour and the contrasts of the colours of the sea, the sand and the plant life around this area are simply beautiful.

This ended this particular road trip, and we are already planning the next one!  


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