I Love La Graciosa - Catamaran

I Love La Graciosa - Catamaran

La Graciosa is a stunning sandy island just off the Northern coast of Lanzarote. The waters here are crystal clear and the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. I Love La Graciosa is the perfect way to visit this charming island. Take some free time to explore before jumping on board the luxury catamaran and sailing along the islands unique coastline.

Board the ferry at Orzola harbour (Lanzarote), and make your way over to Caleta De Sebo, the only town on La Graciosa. There is WIFI and a bar on board, and the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

La Graciosa is a truely unique place to explore. There are no roads here; everything is built on the sand and there are only around 600 people living on the island. There is a small church, a number of stunning beaches, and bars, cafes, and shops.  Take some time out to discover the beauty of this unspoilt island before you board the luxury catamaran.

Once on board, you have access to the free bar (horay!), serving refreshing mojitos, beer, and soft drinks. The Catamaran will then sail along the coastline of La Graciosa to the white beaches on the south of the island. Once you arrive at Playa Francesa, the boat will moor up to allow you to have some fun in the turquoise blue shores of the island.   The water is crystal clear here, and perfect for swimming and snorkelling.  Snorkelling equipment is available on board, along with kayaks and inflatables.

You can swim to the beach, or jump on board our smaller boat with will take you over directly to the sands, where you can relax and sunbathe to your hearts content.

As well as a free bar, the crew will serve lunch on board the catamaran, including freshly cooked paella, bread, and fruits. The large nets on the front of the catamaran will be available also, so you can relax and top up your tan before we head back to Lanzarote.
I Love La Graciosa

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