The Starlight Experience

The Starlight Experience

Enjoy the beautiful Lanzarote nightlife, with stars above you and a cool breeze. Sit back and relax in comfort while watching a film in the Canary Islands only outdoor cinema with the Starlight cinema experience.

The Open Air Starlight Cinema is situated on the Rooftop area of the Biosfera shopping centre.

At just 40€ per person and child for 30€, the Starlight experience is one of the best nights of your holiday.   Arrive at the Rooftop Biosfera one hour before the start of the film and experience virtual reality island tours and fun ride experiences at the amazing 6D Cinema.

After that you have time to enjoy a Pizza Panini, Drink and Popcorn and reserve your seats. Grab a blanket and pillow for a breathtaking movie experience. It's like you are sitting in the comfort of your own home, away from home.

You can choose from 2 films every night and a wide selection of blockbuster movies over the week.

Reserve your outdoor open air movie experience and enjoy an unforgettable night with family and friends at Starlight Cinema. Reservations are advised as The Starlight Cinema is very popular with locals and tourists.
The Starlight Experience

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€40.00 per adult and €30.00 per child up to the age of 12

€10.00 per adult and €7.50 per child up to the age of 12

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