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Exploring hidden towns and places in Lanzarote

Posted on 19/05/2017 by Ian Sheldon

Exploring hidden towns and places in Lanzarote

Lanzarote has many hidden treasures, including small coastal towns that are often only accessible via dirt track or rough terrain.  Every now and then we like to get out and explore 'off the beaten track' to see what the 'real' Lanzarote has to offer outside of the tourism bubble.

Just recently we visited the small,  quiet town of Tenesar.  Compared to the hussle of the sea side resorts it really does have to be seen to be believed. After stumbling across the place whilst looking on Google Maps, we decided to take a drive through the Timanfaya National Park to check it out - and we were not left disappointed!

Tenesar is nestled behind the National park, hidden away on Lanzarote's dramatic and volcanic Western coastline.

In order to get there, we drove through the park until we reached Tinajo, where we turned off onto a previously unexplored road. As we got closer to the coast, the road became more challenging as it descended down to sea level.  At the end of the road we were rewarded by this unique and fascinating village.

There are people living there, but not many. Most of the houses looked as though they had been left untouched after the eruptions during the 1700's, and many of the traditional buildings were completely derelict. After taking some fantastically eerie and dramatic photographs, we jumped back into the car and continued along this previously unexplored coastal road, where we discovered several stunning volcanic ash beaches and impressive black lava cliffs.  It was a part of the Island that time had seemingly forgotten.

Further down the coast to Tenesar you will find some beautiful black volcanic beaches, and for those of you that prefer peace and quiet to a packed beach full of holiday-makers then this is definitely for you.  A network of dirt tracks connects the small coves that spread across the west coast of the island and the edge of the Timanfaya National park.  At the time of our visit, the sun had started to set and the stunning orange and red highlights were being projected from the volcanic landscape that sat behind us.

If you are looking for a getaway, from people or just want some time to reflect, then this part of Lanzarote is definitely worth a visit.

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