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The paradisiacal beaches of Papagayo

Posted on 06/02/2017 by Ian Sheldon

The paradisiacal beaches of Papagayo

If you look at any guidebook, web site, post card, or photograph of Lanzarote the chances are you will have seen a picture of the picturesque Papagayo Beaches. The unique natural collection of coves are amongst the most iconic beaches in the Canary Islands, earning them their popularity with holidaymakers and locals alike.

The beaches are located in the South of the island, just along the coast from the holiday resort of Playa Blanca. You can find them in the protected Natural Park Los Ajaches, a collection of impressive 500 metre mountains and cliff edges.   The largest and most popular beach is Playa Mujeres, followed by Playa Caletón San Marcial, Playa del Pozo and Playa del Papagayo.  As you move around to the east of Punta del Papagayo you will find two more beaches, Caleta del Congrio and Playa de Puerto Muelas.

There are several ways to reach these paradisiacal sands. The first beach, named Playa Mujeres is the easiest to reach from Playa Blanca.   This is also the most famous of the collection, and is the beach you tend to see pictured on postcards.   If you head towards Femes there is a right turning off the large roundabout where the road turns into a 'track'.  Follow this track and you will eventually come to a toll booth where you can pay 3 euros to enter the national park (it's free to residents).  As you drive down this track you will see signposts for the different beaches.  You can also access the beaches on foot from the Papagayo Sandos hotel.  From there you can walk along the cliffs and down onto the bay. If you choose to walk, we do recommend taking a sensible pair of shoes as the path is very rocky and at times can be steep.   The third way to access the beaches is by Water Taxi from the Playa Blanca Harbour.  This boat also picks up / drops off at the Rubicon Marina (Bar One)

The emerald green and blue water is crystal clear, and thanks to it being well sheltered from the wind the lagoon-style water is still and perfect for swimming. Snorkelling is also very popular here, as the beaches are completely natural and the marine life is protected, so the sea is abundant with variations of tropical fish.
There are no life guards at the Papagayo Beaches, so if you are with children do be sure to keep and eye on them whilst they're in the water.

If you venture as far as Playa del Papagayo there is a cafe / bar in between the two coves where you can enjoy an ice cold beer or a bite to eat, with stunning views over the coast line of Playa Blanca.

There is limited shelter on the Papagayo beaches, so we advise taking a parasol, plenty of water and sun tan lotion.

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