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Walking Haria to El Bosquecillo

Posted on 28/05/2017 by Ian Sheldon

Walking Haria to El Bosquecillo

Set in the valley of "A Thousand Palms" (or Ten Thousand, depending on who you speak to) sits the quaint, pretty village of Haria.  The steep cliffs that surround this valley are home to some beautiful and "challenging" walks.

We recently set about walking from the village in the direction of El Bosquecillo, and luckily for us the weather was a little overcast and quite cool.  We did a little bit of research before setting out, so decided it would be a good idea to take plenty of water and a bit of a picnic to eat on the way.

There are two routes that you can take, one considerably longer (but easier) than the other so we decided to make our way up one path and back down the other.   We parked up near to the football ground and started walking up the past the stadium and school until the road turned into a small dirt track.  All good so far on an easy path and very slight incline.  

After about 10 minutes we had to take a left turn from the path due to it being closed off (we assumed this was due to the path leading to private farmland) and make our way up a barranco (ravine).  At this point the walk became slightly more challenging.  

The barrancos are basically ravines that run down from the cliffs, and when it rains in Lanzarote (not that often!) the water filters down these ravines to the land below.  This particular barranco was quite overgrown with wild plants and shrubs, a little bit like the English countryside, and scattered with large rocks that we had to navigate.  At this point the incline became quite steeper.  Fast forward 20 minutes and we emerged at the top of the barranco.  This is where the two paths meet and the views back down to Haria at this point were beautiful.   

At this point, we found a large rock to sit on and took a food and water break. 

After a short rest we then continued up the path.  There are two options here.  A small path to the left and a dirt track that is roped off to traffic.  If you take the dirt track you will discover something that is quite uncommon in Lanzarote.  A small pine "forest".  We say forest, it's basically a gathering of roughly 10 trees, but if you have been to Lanzarote you will understand that this is a rare thing to come across here on the island.   From this side, the path then comes to an end, but if you go back down to the path that went off to the left you can continue up the side of the barranco.  This path is not that challenging but is quite steep and twists in and out of the side of the hill.  The scenery up here is breathtaking.  Not only have you got the views back down into the valley you have walked up from but the trees and rock formations are something else.

At the top of the path you come across a dirt track and if you make a right turn here you can start a slow ascent to the top of the cliffs where you will be rewarded with stunning views over Famara and a picnic area with BBQs and a children's playground. 

We then started our way back down, following the same winding path down the cliff side until we reached where the two paths met.  We then took the dirt track to the left, rather than going back down the barranco we walked up.  This path is much easier to walk, but as we found out, considerably longer.  But we strongly recommend you persist and keep going as you will be rewarded with some stunning panoramic views.  All the way down this path you will see great views over Haria and beyond but as the path turns back on itself there is a lookout with more amazing views over Famara.   At this point on our walk the clouds had started to lift and the sun was shining down on the sea and small white buildings at the bottom of the cliff.

After taking a few photos we continued down the dirt track towards Haria, past a few farms and back into the village.  The dirt track turned back into a road and before we knew it we were back at the car park.

If you like hiking or exploring off the beaten track, I would highly recommend this walk but suggest that you wear decent shoes, take plenty of water, food and sun cream as there are no shops or cafes en-route.  It can be a challenging walk at times but the views are out of this world and very rewarding.  Haria is easy to get to by car and not far from Arrieta or Teguise.

The Haria Walk

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