Casa Juanita

Casa Juanita
Arrieta can be found on the East coast of Lanzarote.  If you have driven to Jameos del Agua or the Green Caves you may have passed it without realising.

Standing out amongst the small white buildings in this small village, right on the coastline, is Casa Juanita (officially it was called the Chalet de Arrieta). A blue / red building with a small fenced garden that looks like something out of a fairytale.  We have always heard this referred to as the "Dolls House", which is easy to see why when you consider it's appearance, and it was in fact modelled on such a house.

So what is the story behind this building?

Back in 1916, the house was built for a man known as Don Juan de Leon Perdomo.  

He and his wife gave birth to a little girl back in 1904.  The daughter was named Juana, but went by the name of Juanita.  

After moving to Argentina, Juanita was struck down with tuberculosis and doctors advised that the family returned to Lanzarote in the hope that the fresh sea air would help her to make a recovery.  

Juanita sadly passed away in 1921.

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