El Golfo

El Golfo

On the west coast of Lanzarote, El Golfo is an idyllic seaside fishing village on the West coast of Lanzarote. With its dramatic volcanic backdrop, and unrivaled views across the Atlantic ocean, this charming town is most famous for its iconic green lagoon (El Charco De Los Clicos).

The lagoon lives in a half submerged volcanic crater, and is green due to the algae and minerals along its bed. This beautiful crater has been eroded by the sea over time, exposing the dramatic red colours inside the volcano. These crimson cliffs set against the black beaches and sapphire lagoon make for a stunning contrast, and are certainly worth a photo visit during your stay. The lagoon is easily accessible by car, and then a short walk along the cliffs to the viewing point looking over the crater.

El Golfo is also famous for its charming selection of high quality seafood restaurants. Each situated by the sea, and serving a platitude of freshly caught fish, paella, and Canarian cuisines, every seafront restaurant here tastes sensational. The staff are always welcoming, and we personally recommend heading there in the evening, so you can relax and enjoy unrivalled views of the sunset along with your meal.

The Timafaya National Park backs onto the town, providing some fantastic walk ways through the lava fields and along the stunning coastline.

One of the most beautiful coastal area is Los Hervideros (The boiling pots). These caves and blow holes were formed when the bubbling lava met the ocean, creating incredible waves and water mist. You can walk around these beautiful corridors and caverns for free.

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