The Temple Hall Shipwreck

The Temple Hall Shipwreck

If you drive along the coast between Arrecife and Costa Teguise you might notice a large shipwreck just off the shoreline.  This is the Temple Hall (Telamon), a U.K. built vessel dating back to 1954.  The Temple Hall (originally from Dundee, Scotland) sailed by the Greek flag and went by the name of The Telamon

In 1981 the ship ran into distress as it passed by the Canary Islands, carrying a cargo of tree trunks and could not be re-floated out at sea.  

In order that it did not block the port at Arrecife, it was towed to it's current location where it has rested ever since.

Originally 140 meters in length, the boat has since been the victim of further storms and ended up breaking in two. The rear of the ship is now the only visible part with its rudder showing out of the water, and has become a popular focal point with tourists.

The ships cargo was 'claimed' by José María Pérez Sánchez in 2009 and turned into a sculpture at the Playa de las Cucharas beach in Costa Teguise (pictured).  Unfortunately one of the beams fell during a storm in 2016, and the statue has since been removed.

As with a lot of shipwrecks that are close to the shore, the wreck is very popular with divers.   

There was a rumour that the wreck was due to be taken away for scrap, but to this today it remains.

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