Cesar Manrique Foundation

Cesar Manrique Foundation

The spectacular Cesar Manrique Foundation headquarters is a popular tourist attraction located in Tahiche.  The house was designed by Manrique himself after he returned to Lanzarote from his time in New York.

Manrique designed the house in the 1960's and it became his home between 1968 to 1988.  This unique lava tunnel building is now a public museum, showcasing his art and history.

The lower level of the building is created around five volcanic bubbles connected by tunnels built into the lava itself.   It doesn't sound like ideal living conditions, but once you visit the house you will discover that it is surprisingly pleasant and it creates a unique ambience.  Outside you will find a typically Manrique styled  swimming pool and gardens.

Inside, and the upper level, is inspired by the natural architecture of Lanzarote and rooms decorated with Manriques masterpieces.

By designing the house in Lanzarote's volcanic landscape, he was able to use the underground lava bubbles as large cave-like rooms, creating an incredibly unique and special environment.

Nature comes alive in the stunning gardens of the house, with a crystal blue pool and green plant life, set against the dark ash and volcanic lava rock.

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