Cueva De Los Verdes

Cueva De Los Verdes

Cueva De Los Verdes (The Green Caves) are a series of underground lava tunnels in the north of the island. These unique caverns were carved out 3,000 years ago by running lava and explosions from the nearby volcano Monte Corona. The impressive caves run through the North of Lanzarote, right out to the bed of the Atlantic ocean.

A now tourism hot spot, these caves were once a hideout for local Canarian's who needed to find refuge from pirate invasions. The large caverns and tunnels were ideal for families who had to hide and protect themselves from these attacks during the 16th century.

We recommend around 1 hour is needed when visiting the Green Caves.  

Entrance is €9.00 per adult and €4.50 for children aged 7-12-  For Canary Island residents an adult costs €7.20 and Children €3.60.  

The attraction is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 with the last tour departing at 17:00.  

During the summer months (until 30th September) then Green Caves closes at 19:00 with the last tour leaving at 18:00.

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