The Weather in Lanzarote

The Weather in Lanzarote
What is the weather like in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a 12 month a year holiday destination.  The winter sun is a big attraction for many holiday makers from the North of Europe.  Being just a stones throw from the west coast of Africa, the year round temperatures average from 18 to 25 degrees consistently, although in the peak of the summer can easily top 40.

Lanzarote is a strange island for weather forecasts, due to it's volcanic terrain.  The forecast that you will see online, or on your phone apps, tends to be an average.   For example it might be 26 degrees down in Puerto del Carmen, but the app will have forecasted highs of 22.  The same goes with clouds,  It might be cloudy over most of the island, but the southern beach side resorts could see blue sky for most of the day.

Long term forecasts are often very unreliable here, due to the winds.  Clouds can very often move on quickly.  It's never overcast for long!

Does it rain much in Lanzarote?

Compared to other places around Europe, no.  Lanzarote has, on average, 17 days of rain a year.  But when it rains, it rains!  On many occasions I have seen 10-15 minute downpours and then blue skies for the rest of the day.  The infrastructure here isn't really built for rain, so if it rains heavily for a short period of time then certain parts of the island can be prone to flash flooding.  This isn't really the case in the resorts though.

Average hours of sunshine

Always an area of interest with holiday makers who want to top up their tan and feel some Vitamin D goodness.   Below is a chart showing the average number of hours of sunshine here in Lanzarote, broken down by month of the year.

So when is the best time to come to Lanzarote, to make the most of the weather?

There isn't really a 'bad' time to visit Lanzarote.  Even though it is an all-year round destination, the peak season tends to run from April to November. If you don't mind the winds then maybe we would suggest that May-June is a good time to visit, but later on in the year, when the winds tend to drop, then September-October can also be a good period to visit.  The summer months are the hottest, but also very busy with families.  

Where can you get a reliable weather forecast for Lanzarote?
We recommend visit the Aemet web site or downing the Aemet Weather app to your phone or tablet.  AEMET is Spain's meteorological agency and the information provided by them tends to be more reliable than the likes of the BBC or other globally based weather services.

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