Considering Moving to Lanzarote?

Today I met with Juanma and Bea who set up their successful Physiotherapy clinic in Lanzarote two years ago. I asked them the top 3 questions we often get asked by people considering establishing their business here…

1. Why did you choose Lanzarote as your home?

“We love the climate. Bea lived in a colder but beautiful area of Northern Spain, Santiago de Compostela. I was raised in Gran Canaria but I love the tranquility of Lanzarote.”

2. How hard was it to set up your business here?

“At first it was difficult because we didn’t know anyone here. We had experience about our industry but we didn’t have contacts. We considered renting a building but we couldn’t find anything ideal for us. So we decided to buy and commission our own facility. It was more expensive than we thought and it is never easy managing a building project. Also, we had to learn a lot about marketing!”

3. What would your advice be to British people considering moving to Lanzarote and setting up their business?

“It is a good idea to learn a little Spanish in advance. Be sure to spend as much time as possible mixing with the Canarian people. They are very welcoming and we all value the diversity. You should do it, come!”

Visit their clinic at and their Page Clínica Mosaico Show this post for a discount of €5 on your first visit or consultation.

Written by Alex on February 11, 2020