We Love Lanzarote!

Here at Destination Lanzarote, we’ve got one thing in common: our love for the island.

We support a growing community of people who share our passion on our always-active Facebook page, where you can get in touch with us with whatever questions you may have about visiting or living in Lanzarote.

We’re each fans of certain elements of living on – and visiting – the island, which is why each of our posts tend to focus on our areas of expertise and interest.

You can learn more about us below:



I’ve been traveling back and forth to Lanzarote for 30 years on holiday but finally made the big move in 2018.

Having worked at home for years and with the UK making less and less sense to me, my partner and I simply stayed after one last holiday.

There’s an energy within the island that calls to me and I’ve finally found my perfect home. We live off-grid in the mountains above Los Valles.

I look forward to sharing our adventures with you and welcoming you as a visitor or new neighbour. Life is better here.

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Alex always joked that we shouldn’t go home on the last day of our holidays but one day I agreed with him. So we left the airport and simply stayed.

Living in a place with such a diverse and welcoming community has really helped me find myself. I’m happy here and every day I find a new favourite spot.

My passion is driving and most weeks I take my own little tour of the whole of the island. And occasionally I take the ferry and drive across all of them.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my photos and find your own perfect little corner of the volcano.

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I’m torn between which is my favourite thing about holidaying in Lanzarote – the food and drink, or the art and culture.

There are wonderful art galleries on the island, and I love taking an afternoon to surround myself with the local artwork. For a small island there’s such a variety.

I’m a fan of seafood, and Lanzarote is perfect for me! I’ll usally make my way to La Santa at least once each visit to enjoy some of their incredible prawns. Watching the sunset with a fresh-tasting Lanzarote white in hand? There’s nothing better.

I’m really looking forward to showing you the cultural, food and drink experiences I’ve had across the island.

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Lanzarote is one of my favourite holiday destinations, not just for its beautiful scenery but for the great activities you can get up to.

I love all things water, and Lanzarote is brilliant for activities in the island’s warm, clear waters – I learned to surf in Lanzarote, completed my advanced PADI diving, and always find time for a water ski trip on each visit.

Last time I visited I hired a quad-buggy and went bounding around the island, which was great fun. I’ve still not gone paragliding, but that’s just my fear of heights – just standing at Mirador del Rio was enough for me!

I love how many activities are packed into the small island, and I can’t wait to tell you more about my experiences.

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