Closing Lanzarote

The island is at rest.

Citizens of Lanzarote will retreat to their homes to create a protective border around our vulnerable friends. Travel across the island and all of Spain is restricted from Monday at 8am.

We all have our instructions from our officials and will follow those and only those to ensure we remain strong as a community and to play our little part in the global effort.

Cafés and bars will close. Flights from many countries will cease or change. Tourists will be repatriated or cared for at their resorts. The streets will be quieter. It will take time.

The impact on our island will be intense but not permanent. We exist in the form that we do, for tourism. We are part of a European culture of movement, despite our location adjacent to the Sahara. Stillness is odd to us but possible.

Already people are connecting online with neighbours and praising the stores that remain hyperactive to keep us stocked up with everything we need. We will not panic, we will not hoard. We have enough.

All we will do now is rest. So that soon we can welcome the world again and show them how life thrives so incredibly on the volcanoes. Work from home. Have bright ideas.

We thank our government for acting now and we send our love to the islands all over the world who also form a human barrier against the silly virus. We are purposefully alone, together.

Goodnight, Lanza.
We are proud of you.


Image by Lucy Joy on Unsplash

Written by Alex on March 14, 2020