Tips from a Lockdown Geek

Being in lockdown is weird. We feel a bit scared. We’re worried for friends. We miss our routines and we already ate all our candy. That said, it need not be crappy. We (usually) have the sunshine beaming through the window and if you’re reading this, you’re already online. That mean’s there’s a whole world of entertainment available to us.

We should learn something, laugh at something, enjoy ourselves and feel no guilt. We’re already doing all we can by simply closing the door and avoiding going out for that extra packet of Pringles we’ve been dreaming of… so let’s geek out, together!

Small business owners

We’re going to struggle. Perhaps more than ever before. Although the Spanish Government are doing all they can to ensure we survive this, we can also use the time we have to further our skills and be super prepared for when the tourists return. It’s time to adapt and learn.

All of the links below are free of charge:

Parents and kids

Having the kids out of school is hard. Having them at home too is even harder. We understand that learning must go on and parents all over the world are adjusting to digital schedules.

Here are some resources that might help children and young adults.

Brush up on your Spanish

One thing we should all be doing is making sure we can speak fluent Spanish. It helps us bond as a community and it helps in a pickle.

Everyone has their own way to learn but DuoLingo is pretty good if you fancy something digital

Missing Culture and Tapas?

Local to home

Right here on the island there are loads of groups to join online, many of whom are offering participation events.


Finally, we know it’s a worry if your primary language is English and you need healthcare and advice. DoctorLanz and BSL Urgent Care would like to inform their patients that during the state of they continue to provide medical services.

They put a statement up at

If you suspect that you have contracted COVID-19, please follow the instructions provided by the Spanish Health Authority and call 900 112 060.


Lockdown is a pain in the bum but it’s important for the whole world. Let’s comply. If you have a link to a free resource that people in Lanzarote might enjoy, please leave a comment. No commercials, thanks. We don’t run adverts, we have no sponsors and we don’t take freebies. Love you all. Gracias.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Written by Alex on March 18, 2020