Private Testing

Fellow residents, wider testing is now available through private clinics on the island including DoctorLanz where we were able to get our clear results today. We have no commercial link but every test improves the overall understanding of the virus. Further tests are available beyond the antibody test for those who give a positive result and the fee is very reasonable.

Please contact the clinic directly with any and all questions you have. Of course all symptoms must be reported to the medical authority here in Lanzarote and the public hospital continues rapid testing and care. We have seen zero positive new results for some time. Now is the time to be extra careful as we slowly return to the streets. Take all precautions seriously.

If you suspect you have covid-19, call 112, emergency services. The local helpline is 34 900 112061. Doctor Lanz private clinic in Costa Teguise can be contacted through

Let’s set the global standard for meeting the new normal. We can. We will.


Written by Alex on May 19, 2020