When Can You Fly to Lanzarote?

When can you fly to Lanzarote?

This is the big question sent to us every day. The answer at the moment is that we just don’t know. We see that the UK media often mentions possible dates and raises expectations but we aren’t so certain our end. Soon but not yet.

It’s true that we have survived this wave of COVID-19 with few deaths and with a great sense of control. However, for flights to land safely here, we’re keen for testing to take place at the origin airport. We can test here too but we think you need that safety in the air.

No doubt that technology will help us reach this goal in the coming weeks and months but we’re not quite there yet. This Page has no commercial sponsors nor any revenue stream, so we are keen to share only the truths we know.

Turismo Lanzarote and the Lanzarote Tourist Federation are hard at work to make this the safest destination in the whole world. They’ve already had video calls with Jet2, TUI, British Airways, easyJet and many other airlines to plan for our future with you as our guests.

When Lanzarote does re-open, it will be a blessing for us. Truthfully, without tourism, we are suffering. But we’re also getting things done. The resorts are being refreshed, the roads resurfaced, the hotels maintained. We have new flowers in the ground for you.

We know this is your paradise and we hope we can see each other soon. We know it will happen. When it does it will be our destiny.

Lanza loves you.


Written by Alex on June 3, 2020