Safe Haven

Today we are at one of the best little resorts in Costa Teguise: El Guarapo Apartaments. Perfect Sunday skies, we wish we could share with more people. Spotlessly clean and superbly equipped.

As residents living in the ‘wild’ countryside of Lanzarote, we often come to the town for a weekend break. Especially this time of the year when the hunt season nears the end and the wind has an occasional chill.

A Complex Rock

Many tourists don’t know but Lanzarote has an active hunt season, usually in September and October, Thursday and Sundays. Dogs hunting rabbits and men with guns hunting birds are commonly seen in the hills.

The hunt stays far away from the resorts but it can be a difficult time for those of us living in the countryside. It’s a tradition across all of Spain and many of her islands. Contentious but strong.

There is a difficult balance between “what has always been done” and the modern expectation of those who have more recently made this place their home. It can come as a shock to find the hounds on your land.

It’s not right for us to call for an end to the hunt, although of course we don’t partake. It’s not our tradition to cull. But it is one more reminder that life here can be quite different to how you view it from the beach.

It’s a more complex rock than you might have imagined.

Quiet Safety

Still, here in this lovely apartment, we find quiet and safety and a more gentle bounty. The pool was bliss and for a moment we could imagine you all with us again.

Worth adding that we are super impressed by the process at these particular apartments. Check-in and checkout is handled online. The keys left in the door in your perfectly cleaned apartment.

Sunbeds spaced and cleaned after use (some in the photo made ‘available’ with others for spacers). Everything you need is a message away and comes in moments.

A cocoon of peace.

Written by Alex on October 18, 2020

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