Pre-Arrival Testing

Breaking News

We are waiting for the full text of the new law but we believe testing will be mandatory for tourists visiting Lanzarote from November 9th or thereabouts and encouraged before this.

We know this may feel inconvenient. And we know that currently in the UK it may seem expensive. As an island community we hope you understand that our safety as well as yours leads to a fair and beautiful holiday.

Those staying in all forms of tourist accommodation will be required to show a certificate given at origin within 72hrs of travel. Here that’s super easy and we hope that governments and businesses around the world make it so too.

More Info to Come…

Further details will come and all airlines will guide you on the process. As ever, social media is not the best source of accurate information and shouldn’t govern your decision to travel. What we do know is that we have the virus pretty much under control here, today.

We know you’ll want to help us keep it this way so that we can offer you holidays in your favourite location not just now but throughout winter and into next year. Many hotels open again this week. And people are coming out of furlough ready to serve.

The Canary Islands are pretty much the only part of Spain without curfew and one of the safest destinations in the world. That said, the virus is alive and we keep our distance with respect. Masks are still worn.

Dreaming of Freedom

We know you dream of freedom. Our magical shores and tranquil hills long for your touch. Please give us this chance to be together again. For full details please see the international guidance given by your government and ours in the coming days.

We are here for each other and we long to fulfill your dreams. As with other small islands, a test won’t treat everything. But it gives us both the confidence to rebuild and take flight. This isn’t forever but today it feels like an opportunity to get things right during unprecedented times.

P.S. To the group of tourists who gained a little fame this week when they refused the mask in Puerto Del Carmen, causing great upset for the poor staff serving you beer and the hotel you stayed in, we know you are not representative of the great people of the UK. And we know you’ll not be coming back to us soon. It is best. We both have a choice to make.

With love, from the people of Lanzarote.

Written by Alex on October 29, 2020