Corona Update

Lanzarote continues at Level 4 with an additional extra restriction. The number of people who can meet at a cafe or restaurant is now reduced to two. The same rule applies for any public or private place. Markets, local events and nightlife remain suspended and entry to the island is restricted.

The latest ruling puts additional pressure on the local businesses of each town and village, who are already only allowed tables outside, on the street. However, it is in reaction to continued pressure on the hospital where some patients are being evacuated to other islands due to capacity.

Online Fiestas

A weird and unnerving carnival season for us all. Many groups and cities have arranged online fiesta alternatives, with participation events for the kids and performances from home.

We are encouraged by progress on capital islands, with Tenerife now returning to Level 1, having represented the highest risk last year. Strength and resolve are needed to echo their success. Tenerife for example allows larger gatherings (6), a later curfew and some access to sports activity that we cannot enjoy here at the moment.


According to the Cabildo website there are 672 active cases today, 49 hospitalised, 19 in ICU. However Thursday was a terrible day, mourning the loss of 4 of our beloved community.

The overall numbers do seem to be improving and some vaccines are arriving. Like the rest of the world, we are tired but we know that we will continue toward happier normality.

And until that time, we take our coffee dark, strong and in pairs.

Written by Alex on February 12, 2021

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