From Monday morning on the 24th of May the general entry restrictions to Spain for all British travellers are lifted and visitors may enter. Of course, this is only the law from our side of the border, so please follow government guidance and direction from your own country too.

The risk remains here but it feels controlled. We have fewer vaccinated than in the UK and we still have (slowly) rising numbers. However, many of those are related to a specific sports related outbreak in the capital. Common sense must prevail. If you are able to visit us soon, remember we are a “masks on” community 🙏🏽

The feeling is that the leaders here are focusing on national travel for the summer, meaning visitors from mainland Spain. We also have a trickle from Germany and other nations who are opening their corridors to us. Tourism is life here on the island but our local population is also highly aiding to safety advice and there are still some restrictions.

The island does not feel locked down but you will find insistence on precaution and limited facilities until things ‘clear up’ across Europe.

As always, your safety and ours is paramount. We just well up with the thought that we might see our UK friends again soon. And gain some feeling of control of the situation.

Never trust the advice of blogs (even ours) when making your lifestyle and travel planning decisions.

Love you. x

P.S. we’re longing to say “Come fly, come play, book now… and we will… but we’re cautious and we insist that you don’t get hurt or lose money or that something changes… but we long to shout that from our little rooftops. We really do. The island survives without UK tourism but it’s not the same. We must unite again. That time will come soon…”

Photo taken by John Oswald 🏄‍♀️ 🙏

Written by Alex on May 21, 2021