Imminent Eruption?

Will Lanzarote erupt like La Palma?

A fair few of you have asked, so here’s the answer:

In short, no you are safe to holiday on Lanzarote without risk of imminent eruption.

Nevertheless, the island’s volcanic history and resulting landscape is incredible.

The last tremendous event in Lanza was during 1730-36, when long-term eruptions from a NE-SW-trending fissure formed the Montañas del Fuego, now inside the Timanfaya national park. A spectacular eruption that changed our island forever.

Lanzarote is the second oldest island whilst La Palma which is currently erupting is one of the youngest. This tells us most of what we need to know when it comes to eruptions. Of course, those of you who have visited the Timanfaya attractions in Lanzarote know that the heat remains under the surface.

At the demonstration point in our national park, the surface temperature in the core ranges from 100 to 600 °C at a depth of 13m. We demonstrate this for visitors by pouring water into a spout and creating a burst of steam and by cooking meals over a volcanic BBQ!

Despite the power under the ground, the volcano that is Lanzarote is not considered to be at risk of imminent eruption. The status is classed as historical and therefore dormant. And if anything changes, any lava flow is widely predicted to emerge within the existing national park, away from the resort towns.

So, enjoy the natural splendor of our unique landscape and stand in awe at our mountains of fire but don’t worry too much when visiting Lanzarote! As a community we continue to support La Palma and her people with all resources needed and thank science for the early warnings which avoided loss of life.

Transport in and out of all the Canary Islands remains unaffected and tourists in the small resort of Puerto Naos (a possible lava route) on La Palma were evacuated safely to Tenerife. All are safe and well although some beautiful homes have been lost on our sister island 🙁🌋🇮🇨

Photo of Timanfaya national park on Lanzarote by Andrés Nieto Porras.

Written by Pat on September 20, 2021