Currently in Lanzarote it's 18 °C with Dark Clouds Island Time: 03:25 | Sunrise: 05:58 | Sunset: 19:43

Lanzarote is famous for the good weather that attracts visitors in every month of the year.

Being an island so close to the Sahara, the sunlight is intense but the air is cooled by the ocean winds. This unique combination of geography and isolation makes every month a good month to come.

In the winter it rarely drops below 15c and in the summer high 20s are common. The landscape is dry and in places quite barren, leading to the lunar comparisons often made. Rain is infrequent and storms very rare.

The ‘calima’, a period of very hot weather accompanied by sandy skies will suprise some tourists however it often arrives and leaves within a day or two.

Those extreme days can bring temperatures above 40c on the coast. Most houses here are constructed without heating, it’s simply not necessary. But in the hills it can be damper and you’ll find areas of green and the tropical sight of palms inland.

Lanzarote, like neighbouring Fuerteventura has an extreme landscape, more akin to a North African desert than most would imagine. Yet the breeze and the all-white architecture makes it feel quite Mediterranean somehow.

Whenever you visit, you’ll find the warmest of welcomes.

Current Weather

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